About Us

Our Story

Our Mission Statement is "Helping women afford quality pelvic exercisers"

How Kegel Fitness was Founded

Many women lack access to quality pelvic floor products and health professional pelvic floor health information.

Some women live in remote areas where pelvic floor health treatment, information and products products are difficult to source. Others, including new moms and mature women can’t access health professional assistance to help them manage their pelvic floor problems owing to – time constraints, financial cost or owing to embarrassment caused by the social stigma that still remains for many women with pelvic floor problems.

Kegel Fitness was originally founded by a dedicated female Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist who was concerned that her patients were unable to discreetly access quality pelvic health and rehabilitation products with guided information for pelvic floor strengthening and recovery.

Kegel Fitness has since helped hundreds of women to access pelvic floor recovery products and empower them to successfully manage their pelvic floor problems.

Kegel Fitness Philosophy

To meet your pelvic floor health and strengthening needs by providing you with:

  • Discreet and timely access to quality pelvic health products
  • Guidelines for using products safely and effectively
  • Personal assistance and support in product selection

Pelvic Health Issues Confronting Women

We are committed to helping you overcome these challenges by providing you with access to professional information, quality products and discreet support to help your pelvic floor recovery.

1. Pelvic Floor Challenges

Women with weak pelvic floor muscles often have associated pelvic floor problems including pelvic organ prolapse, bladder leakage (with stress or urge incontinence, bowel incontinence), recurrent bladder infection, pelvic pain and pelvic floor spasm.

Our products are evaluated by our physiotherapists for efficacy, we stock effective products from trusted manufacturers.

2. Lack of Professional Support & Information

Beginners starting out are often confronted with a lack of information about Kegel Fitness; how to start and which pelvic exerciser or continence device product to choose to best meet their needs. This can result in women choosing the wrong product or not understanding how to use their product most effectively.

Our online health professional support is designed to help you to choose the most appropriate Kegel Fitness exerciser or continence device for your needs.

3. Personal Safety

Women are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of avoiding harmful chemicals and materials particularly in intimate areas. Many of the cheap imported pelvic exercisers are manufactured using dangerous materials and tend to erode when used with non water-based personal lubricants.

Our products are carefully evaluated for safety, we do not stock products containing harmful chemicals.

In good health,

The Kegel Fitness team